The Magic In Our Beans

Our pre-cooked Kabungaleti beans come in a variety of sizes (180g, 1kg and 5kg bags) and are packaged in Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP Packaging) to maintain the taste and high quality of our beans, keeping them moisture-free and fresh.

We source our beans from small-scale farmers in Northern, North-Western and Eastern province where the agricultural landscape in those areas allows for 2-3 harvests a year, ensuring we can keep up with product demand. Our partnership with local farmers provides them with a steady source of income and provides us with high-quality beans, locally grown beans.

<h1>The Magic In Our Beans</h1>

Supa Beans are unique in that they contain a higher amount of zinc and iron than other varieties, giving consumers more nutrients and minerals in their diet.

The process the beans undergo means they have a long shelf life with little storage requirements, so it’s easy to store our products at home without compromising on freshness or taste.