<h1>One Bean At A Time</h1>

One Bean At A Time

At Supa Beans we are committed to providing high-quality, affordable and accessible nutrient-rich and convenient food sources while contributing positively to our communities through employment creation and environmental sustainability.

Environmental Sustainability
Our firm values the ecosystem as our natural habitat, and that in order to achieve social, economic and environmental adaptation there is need for deliberate actions to bring about ecosystem balance.

In view of this, our company is committed to championing green growth through a collaborative multi-sectorial integrated approach which includes programs such as the Green Campaign initiatives (GCI). This involves multi-sectorial collaboration on environmental sustainability sensitisation in communities, schools, colleges, and Universities.

Employment Creation
Through our partnerships with local farmers in Zambia, we have indirectly contributed to wider employment creation. However, with our product demand growing, we envision our team at Supa Beans growing, allowing us to employ and empower many more Zambian men and women.